Global Cities Summit Dubai: data is becoming a universal language

From March 7 until March 9, the Executive council of Dubai hosted the Global Cities Summit. The summit was organised by the World Council on City Data (WCCD), the global leader in standardised urban metrics and specialised in certification of cities around the world.

The overarching theme of this global meet was the importance of connecting and harmonising local, national and transnational data.

Patricia McCarney, President and CEO of WCCD, emphasised in het opening speech how data is becoming a universal language. “City level data has until now not been standardised,” she said. “Globally standardised data means cities can answer key questions like, ‘How is my city doing compared to my peers?’”

  • Inclusive cities: equitable access to city services and quality of life for all of its citizens
  • Smart nations: smart cities build smart nations
  • A sustainable planet: where we recognize the central place of cities in achieving sustainable development globally.

What else was new on the summit? Jonathan Andrews of published four take-aways from the summit.


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