StartupBlink publishes Coronavirus Innovation Map

With the emergence and clear effect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), people around the world see many aspects of life change dramatically. This is an unfortunate circumstance that no one can escape, but as human beings are resilient creatures, we survive, and most importantly, we innovate. Many of these innovations – insofar they are related to coping with COVID-19 – can now be found in a global innovation map.

Map and research center StartupBlink decided to help spread the innovation in this global quest to stop the virus. Together with the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) by UNAIDS and Moscow Agency of Innovations, it launched the Coronavirus Innovation Map.

What is the Global Coronavirus Innovation Map?

Coronavirus Innovation Map is a platform of hundreds of innovations and solutions from around the world that help people cope and adapt to life amid the coronavirus pandemic, and to connect innovators.

The CoronaVirus Innovation Map is a visualized global database that is mapping the innovations related to tackling coronavirus in various fields such as diagnostics, treatment, lifestyle changes, etc., on a geographical scale.

Listings are added by the research teams of StartupBlink and the partners, as well as crowdsourced by the global community. In fact, anyone can suggest an initiative to be added, according to StartupBlink.

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