Unique eBook: Smart City Tales

Herman van den Bosch has been a writer at the Smart City Hub platform for quite some time now and has published many of the articles to be seen on our website. Besides being one of our main contributors, Herman has also taught at Nijmegen University, is a professor at the Open University and is the curator of Amsterdam Smart City. His ironclad expertise in optimized learning and innovation grants him a unique angle in the smart city world.

Herman’s knowledge is now available in a brand-new format: an eBook, published here. This eBook contains 24 short essays on varying topics, all related to smart cities. It is entitled “Smart City Tales” and it showcases the best of Herman’s unique angle and look on the smart city world and his expertise.

This book is available for download through our website and the best part is: it’s free!

Download “Smart City Tales” in either English or Dutch.

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