Stockholm funnels excess heat from data centers directly into local homes

Stockholm aims to become fossil fuel-free by 2040. And they have found a great way to make a big step towards reaching this goal. They have created a plan to not only attract large datacenters to the city, but also use the excess heat these datacenters produce for heating the homes in Stockholm.

Instead of spending a lot of energy to cool the centers, they will use the excess heat as energy. Two strikes in one.

This initiative is called the Stockholm Data Parks Initiative. The centers will run on renewable energy and be equipped with a heat recovery system that will be connected directly to the cities existing heating system.

Analysts have calculated that a 10 MW data center can heat around 20,000 homes.

A good example for other cities? All your wasted time on the internet could be heating up other people’s houses.

Find more information here.

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