What challenges do smart city leaders struggle with?

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What challenges do smart city leaders struggle with in their smart city initiatives? And could it be that many of the challenges in any city, have already ben tackled in any city somewhere else in the world? In other words, what can cities learn form other cities? In the video below, recorded at the New York Smart City Expo, these questions were asked to various City CIO’s and CTO’s. 

Unlike countries, cities have less burdens to work together, learn from each other and share knowledge. And in oreder to be able to collaborate effectively, it is important to have a view of the challenges with which smart city leaders are dealing.

The interviews were held at Smart City Expo New York

The Smart City Expo centering Smart Cities NYC ‘17 , held last May, was the first conference and expo that curated the intersection of technology and urban life. Both local and international leaders and influencers will gathered together to take on real-world challenges and advance the solutions that create smarter, safer, and more resilient global cities.

GSC3 asked smart city leaders about their knowledge shopping list, resulting in among others the following challenges, from the leaders of Amsterdam, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Eindhoven, New York and The Hague:

  • How to create an inclusive city and to engage with residents?
  • How to engage with the private sector and residents for meaningful partnerships..
  • .. and to include the civic tech community?
  • How to expand broadband
  • Theme example: how to improve mobility in the city?
  • Theme example: how to improve the level of city services?

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VIA: GSC3.city

*) Featured image: Sam Valadi (cc)

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