Future Cities: Smart by default. Humane by choice

Smart City Hub brings you an exciting new series of essays: “Future Cities: Smart by default. Humane by choice”. Every few weeks, a new essay relating to the topics of this series will be published. This entire series is brought to you by Professor Herman van den Bosch, Professor at Open University of The Netherlands. Please find below a message from him:

The concept of smart cities evokes mixed feelings, somewhere between a technological dystopia and an urban utopia. ‘Smart’ refers to the use of (digital) technology and data. However, technologies and data have no intrinsic value; they are connected with destruction and with survival as well. In 18 short essays, I will investigate aspects of the humane city and which technologies and data can contribute to the development of humane cities. The development of a humane city does not happen on its own: it is a choice that requires a lot of effort. Once this choice has been made, deploying smart technology is self-evident. After all, which city would want to be dumb? That is why the leitmotif of this series is ‘Future cities: Smart by default. Humane by choice’.

Find the published essays below:


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