The Impact of Smart Technologies in the Municipal Budget

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An increasing number of local governments around the world are still hesitant to adopt Smart Technologies as many technological options are still too expensive or in experimental phase, with returns on investment still unknown.

You, as well as city government officials around the world with you, might have questions such as the ones below for your activities:

  • How to choose the best technology and make sure it is adapted to local capacity and needs?
  • What are the existing SMART tools that work and those which don’t?
  • What are the mistakes to avoid and the key actions that ensure the success of SMART projects implementation?
  • How to ensure the sustainability of the solutions when technology evolves so quickly?
  • How to build an adequate and enabling environment to SMART solutions?

While there are no simple or unique answers to these questions, the Uraia platform tries to give some insights in their most rcent report: ‘The Impact of Smart Technologies in the Municipal Budget’.

This report analyses in a very practical way trends and opportunities regarding existing technologies and solutions, as well as risks, challenges and lessons learned encountered by city managers that uses such tools, in different sectors that fall under cities’ responsibilities.

Each chapter comprises concrete case studies of cities’ experiences or partners’ SMART solutions, as well as interviews with key actors in the field, and concludes with recommendations about the elements that ensure the success of SMART initiatives.

Have a look at the full report.

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