Japans Super Smart Society 5.0

A lot of efforts are taken towards innovation in various countries and cities worldwide. In the coming weeks we will publish the plans from several countries and cities, for you to learn from and to use as best practice. Today we inform you about Japans plans for their Super Smart Society 5.0. A policy involving the use of robots, IOT and AI.

Junko Nirmala summarizes the focuspoints of what Japan is calling their “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as follows in his article on Roboticstomorrow.com:

  • “Cyber security: innovation that backs up safe data and communication, considering the qualities of the IoT, for example, the long life cycles from configuration to transfer.
  • “IoT system architecture technology: technology that empowers the displaying of equipment and programming as segments, and the building and working of expansive scale systems.
  • “Big data analytics: innovation associated with getting knowledge and value from a lot of a wide assortment of information, including unstructured information.
  • “AI: technology that backs IoT, enormous information examination, and advanced communication.
  • “Device technology: innovation that empowers fast, real-time preparation of extensive measures of information with low power utilization.
  • “Network innovation: technology that appropriates large measures of data at high limit and rapid speed.
  • ” Edge computing: innovation that empowers expanding speed and enhancement of real-time processing at the real system area, which is fundamental for expanding the usefulness of IoT.”

You can find a tentative translation (in progress) with all details here.

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