The Smart City Initiatives of: Cambridge

Smart City Cambridge

Many cities in the world are working hard on smart initiatives. But not many cities make use of the learnings of other cities, working on the same initiatives. That is why we will communicate smart city initiatives on a regular basis for you to learn from and to make use of. Today we focus on the city of Cambridge.

The city of Cambridge is ambitious in its plans to walk at the forefront of the use of smart technology. A special workforce, called Smart Cambridge, is harnessing emerging technologies to improve the economic strength and sustainability of the area in association with local councils, technology businesses, university researchers and partner organizations.

This workforce is established by the Greater Cambridge City Deal, aiming to secure the future of Greater Cambridge as a leading UK and global hub for research and technology, support economic growth and improve quality of life for residents of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. The Cambridge City Deal aims to bring over £1 billion of investment in vital transport infrastructure improvements, new homes, jobs and employment training opportunities.

Intelligent City Platform

The first phase is the establishment of an Intelligent City Platform. This platform centralizes data gathered from sensors all around the city and was developed in co-operation with the University of Cambridge.

The city-wide sensor network is gathering data from existing systems such as traffic lights, bus movements, and car parks, together with new traffic monitoring cameras and air quality sensors. These can be used to monitor a range of measures including air quality, traffic, cycle and pedestrian movements.

Foto credits: Smart Cambridge

A new LoRaWan (Low Power Long Range) network has also been established in collaboration with the University of Cambridge to transfer the data flowing in from the sensors to the data hub. The combined data can then be analyzed and visualized to plan smart solutions including making transport systems more reliable and easier to use. The platform will also allow citizens, third-party developers and commercial partners to use the data to ‘test bed’ innovative applications, such as a new mobile travel app.

An overview of the Smart Cambridge Programme can be found in this video:

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Smart city projects coming up in Cambridge

The next phase of the programme will build upon the studies already underway to investigate the future use of ‘intelligent mobility’. These include:

  • Smart ticketing
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Air quality control
  • Intelligent mobility
  • Future transport system

All details about Cambridges smart city plans can be found in this brochure.

Do you have information about the smart city plans of your city or another city to be published here on Smart City Hub? Please let us know.

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