Hamburg Park and Joy, smart parking for a digital city

Hamburg park and joy

As of this summer, the city of Hamburg will make parking easier for motorists. The city will connect its parking area’s, by creating an app called Park and Joy. This app will provide motorists with information about available parking spaces throughout the city. Hamburg will develop the system in co-operation with T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom). This was recently announced on CEBIT.

11,000 public and private parking spaces, including parking garages, will be digitized to provide real time information to drivers.The new system will also make the reservation of places and payment of fees much easier.

But not only the city of Hamburg will benefit from the system, also other cities can make use of it. The cloud platform in this project serves as an open marketplace that is available to all those affiliated with the parking industry.


The app ‘Park and Joy’ will be fed with data from sensors, placed by local transport company LBV. Deutsche Telekom says “the sensors indicate whether a parking space is vacant by communicating through a narrowband Internet of Things solution. In addition, other sources of data can be used to calculate the probability of a parking space becoming vacant, for example information from parking ticket machines or from various parking operators. Swarm data from the mobile communications network can also be used for these probability computations.”

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  • Smart parking is a very nice technology. It is a future in the world. Smart parking helps to maintain the parking in such a way that parking should maintain in a clean and effective manner. I really love Infoamtion.

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