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Green Urban Economy

Hello, My name is Maria Makolska Tenold. I would like to invite all who represent Cities around the world to participate in the survey about the Green Urban Economy. This project is carried out by the University of Gdansk and participants will receive the results of the survey.

The Green Urban Economy is a political and practice-oriented approach used by local governments to intensify effects leading to direct sustainable actions. It combines the global importance of economic activity with cooperation with local authorities in managing the challenges in city development. The Green Economy approach are integrated into all aspect of city building – urban planning, transportation, energy production, recreation, and finally water and waste management. All of them share the sustainability goals and can strengthen the resilience of cities.

This survey is a part of my Ph.D. dissertation and examines practices and actions cities have established to manage sustainable development. Please respond to the following questions on behalf of your City/Municipality.

This research will be sha​red among participating cities. Please provide your contact information if you are interested in results. The deadline for submitting your response is 15.06.2017.

Please go to the survey here.

Thank you very much in advance.

*) This survey is carried out by Maria Makolska Tenold, Finance and Business Manager / Sustainability Researcher, The City of Bergen, University of Gdansk.

**) Image: MuseScore (CC)

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