Brussels: first European city with 5G network?

Brussels might become the first European city with a 5G network. Belgian Telecomregulator BIPT lengthened the license of operator Broadband Belgium with five years until 2024.

Broadband Belgium wants to roll out a new wireless network, at first for the city of Brussels, to be expanded to other city-areas in Belgium. Focus however will be at the business market. Broadband Belgium aims to use equipment which is suited for 5G, enabling 5G to become available as soon as the state of technology allows this.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo welcomes this development, as he wants to encourage the market entry of extra suppliers. “There are not enough companies in Belgium offering telecom services to companies”, says De Croo.

De Croo says Belgium wants to be a pioneer in the field of the rollout of 5G in Europe. “A fast rollout of 5G will give Belgium an innovative boost and will offer a great contribution toe Belgiums economy’, says De Croo.




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