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The Communauté De Communes Coeur Côte Fleurie encompasses multiple municipalities along the Normandy coast. Together, these municipalities streamline operations, development and planning, embracing digital transformation to accelerate their joint efforts. Video surveillance plays an important role in the community’s digital infrastructure, but the review and monitoring of video was demanding significant time and manpower.

Streamline video review

Law enforcement – including the local governments, municipal police, national police and gendarmerie – needed a way to streamline video review and evidence extraction. Implemented in 2016, a video analytics solution has enabled the community to increase efficiency and maximize their investment in video surveillance. By integrating the solution into the video surveillance system, the community was able to make video searchable, quantifiable and actionable to drive security. The developer and vendor of the solution, a company called BriefCam, guided the region through the deployment and user training.

Example of the case pane.


Video review tasks have since been delegated to the vendor.  “Now we are able to more quickly understand security incidents and trends throughout the territory,” said the community’s ICT Manager, Dominique Marchive. “The ability to accelerate investigations saves our law enforcement research and investigation time – especially in cases with large volumes of video footage to review.” Over time, the technology has been used to search for specific objects or people of interest; however, it also is used to drive investigations where there are few known facts about the target.

Example of the dashboard.

Optimizing traffic flows

The community quickly understood how the solution could increase performance beyond investigation efficiency. The solution is used for detecting traffic violations and patterns as well. By processing and analyzing the aggregated video data recorded over time, Coeur Côte Fleurie can identify trends, making it easier to detect unusual behavior and do proactive planning. For instance, the community has leveraged vehicle counting in certain areas and, by understanding how many cars appear in the area at different times of the day, month and year, the community can plan for expected increases in traffic and be alerted when activity does not match recognized patterns.

Traffic violations

Coeur Côte Fleurie also configured alerts to detect traffic violations, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. This enables law enforcement to respond, if necessary, but also to pick up on trending violations and consider whether infrastructural changes can be made to prevent this misconduct. This intelligence could help the community add additional traffic lights, crosswalks and more based on actionable insights about pedestrian and vehicular movements and trends.

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