Liverpool City Region wants to become a driving force in drone technology

Recently the launch of a drone technology project, aimed at creating a test and development area in the Liverpool City Region, was announced. This initiative, entitled Phoenix I, is the first in a series of interconnected projects developed by drone consultancy Drone Major Group, with several regional partners, to deliver drone services across all environments: surface, underwater, air & space. The project also aims at creating benefits to the City Region, creating new investment and economic growth, employment, skills, education and a cleaner environment. 


The project is to be delivered in partnership with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA). LCRCA has played a convening role to facilitate the active involvement of many of the region’s stakeholders in the delivery of the project, including Liverpool John Lennon Airport, the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and several companies.


A roadmap has been created for this project which outlines a pathway to develop operational drone capabilities to be delivered in the fields of urban logistics, the environment, security, maritime logistics, port & maritime, and the wider community. The projects within the newly established Phoenix programme, which currently comprises 10 new initiatives addressing these sectors across the UK, will share a common operational model and data analysis.

Hub for innovation

This approach is set to stimulate Liverpool City Region’s inward investment opportunities, while enhancing the region’s global recognition as a hub for cutting-edge technological innovation. This is a particularly pivotal time for the City Region, with the Combined Authority’s emerging Climate Action Plan crystallising its decarbonisation agenda, together with the grant of Freeport status for Liverpool City Region announced by the Chancellor in his budget speech on 3 March 2021.


The Liverpool City Region benefits from some of the country’s most outstanding digital infrastructure, academic knowledge and individual experts, such as the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology (CAST), Liverpool Institute for Sustainable Coasts and Oceans (LISCO) and Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), and the drone research group at Liverpool John Moores University.

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