What is the biggest hurdle you encounter when scaling a pilot IT project?

Smart city pilot projects are all over the place, but “what projects should be extended beyond a pilot phase and how cities should fund the initiatives remain unclear.” That is the conclusion of Nicole Laskowski in a great article on this subject on Techtarget/Search CIO.

In short: Cities have ample access to smart products, offered demo free by vendors. But finding the budget for rolling out smart city projects is very difficult.

The solution? “forging relationships with vendors and private partners that have a stake in the game is key. The vendor will work with the city to map out a viable business model and even take an active role in keeping the project going.”

But cities have to be careful not to be led by what vendors currently have to offer. Vendors will want to monetize there existing stuff. No, cities first have to look at the wanted outcome, and create projects around that.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO for the city of Boston, is all for experimentation. “Rather than get caught up in excitement (and vendor hype about the technology), be careful to focus first on the challenges the city faces and how smart technology will address those challenges.”

“But private-public partnerships don’t have to focus on revenue sharing to be successful. Models in which cities and private companies share the risks inherent in smart city projects have also worked.”

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