Demographic and public attitudes research into the users of civic technologies

Who benefits from civic technology? mySociety has done research to this subject. The report gives insight in civic technology and the demographics of its users: Who are these users? Where are they? And what do they think about the technology that they are using?

The aim of this research is to provide a comprehensive picture of civic technology users and their attitudes to civic technology, which will be of practical use to implementers, and of intellectual use to researchers.

This study included civic technology sites in the UK, US, Italy, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Hungary and the EU. It draws on 3,705 survey responses of civic technology users.

Some key findings?

  • Age results in UK and US contrast significantly with the results from Kenya and South Africa.
  • With the exception of the US, it appears that the majority of civic tech users identify as male.
  • In every country surveyed, user composition was dominated by the majority territorial ethnicity.
  • Whilst this was not a surprise, civic technologists may be disappointed to find that no site managed to demonstrate a breakdown of user ethnicity proportional to the respective population.

This report, and accompanying material, can be downloaded here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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