Virtual Singapore: building a 3D-experience of a complete smart city

Singapore is building a Virtual Reality version of the city, enriched with all available data, which is now silo-ed up in various government departments.

It will be a unified 3D-model of the city, which should be finished end of the year. It will be like flying with a helicopter above the city, zooming in and out of buildings, sights, traffic etcetera, which give you all relevant data in digital layers.

It aims to synergize all the 3D-efforts from various agencies of the government onto a common platform enabling all agencies to make use of this digital city model of Singapore. The power of the platform comes from bringing together different types of data. It offers a design environment in which you can simulate different scenario’s.

A great way to try, test, repair and anticipate on how future smart city technology can be used in the best way. All available data can be streamed into Virtual Singapore, which will help and speed up city planning, because they do not have to be tested in real.

And there is much more; please have a look at this video:

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