‘Smart City As A Service’: made in South Korea

New Kalyan Smart City

Why invent the smart city wheel by yourself, if others have already successfully done so? India has asked the South Korean Land & Housing corporation (LH) to build a brand new smart city in the state of Maharashtra. On April 6, the plans for this project were approved by the Indian local assembly. The name of the city will be New Kalyan Smart City.

The city will arise about 30 kilometres east of Mumbai, on land that is offered by the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation. 2.5 square kilometres will contain 15.000 houses. Building is aimed to start end of 2017, and the total worth of the project is 350 million dollars.

India is serious about smart city initiatives, as also in India, more and more people are moving into the city. Therefore, India is planning to build 100 similar smart cities.

Smart City As A Service (SCaaS): South Koreas new export product

South Korea is ambitious about exporting its advanced smart city technology and experience, modelling their pioneering smart city Bundang. Bundang is one of South Korea’s wealthiest and highest developed areas, being the nation’s first and largest completely artificial city built in the early 1990s. Many high-rise luxury condos moved in the early 2000s, with a second planned city built in the late 2000s called Pangyo in the same district.

Korean companies will be able to take more major roles in city planning projects around the world further from now on.

Earlier his week, we already reported that South Korea was exporting its smart city project into Kuwait. In Kuwait, LH will build a four billion dollar project. The name of the city will be South Saad Al-Abdullah and will provide accommodations for between 25,000 — 40,000 families. The new city will be 15,913 acres in size. Construction will start in 2019.

Smart City As A Service (SCaaS) might become a whole new industry. A product to be ‘exported’ around the world, and not only by South Koreans. As by 2050, 70 percent of the worlds population will live in cities, there is a tremendous need for cities like this. And yes, existing cities are ambitious to become smart, but they have the legacy of old and sometimes ancient infrastructures. Building a well-proven concept from scratch might be a very good solution, especially in countries with free space still available.

*) Image above: Signing the deal between the Government and LH (Maharashtra State)


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