The Smart City Strategy of The Netherlands

On January 25, Prime Minister Mark Rutte of The Netherlands received the NL Smart City Strategy. This strategy was requested by the Prime Minister himself. As Dutch towns and cities are expanding and the pressure on public amenities and infrastructure is growing, it is vital to undertake action now.

More than 140 representatives of Dutch cities, companies and scientists have contributed to the Strategy.

As said on “The contributors to the National Smart City Strategy perceive a great need for high-end digital infrastructure and room to experiment, to allow them to develop their pilot programmes into large-scale projects across a range of different areas, including mobility and accessibility of cities, sustainable and low-energy homes and building, improvements of air quality and smart, healthy urbanisation.

“These initiatives will require the set-up of cross-sector partnerships and active participation from both residents and businesses, focusing on cybersecurity, privacy, interoperability, hyperconnectivity, open source digital infrastructure, standardisation and finance.”

The largest five cities in the country (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven) together with the G32 of middle to large size Dutch towns will now take the lead in implementation.

Please see the full report and a have a look at this clear video:

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