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Smart Cities: Facts And Figures, Drivers And Solutions

The world is getting more and more urbanized. By 2040, 65 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities. 1.3 million people move into cities every day. These are reasons why many city governments are working on smart city initiatives. But what is the anatomy of a smart city really?

With the combination of low power sensors, wireless networks, and web-and mobile based applications, smart cities have arrived. Connected cities are becoming a platform for innovation.

Below all information is categorized in this nice infographic from Postscapes. It tells you what is driving the need to establish smart cities, how smart city concepts and projects are different in the developing world, and what technologies and systems are needed to make them a reality.

The 19th century was a century of empires, 20th century was a century of nation states and the 21th century will be a century of cities.

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